About the Designer

Furka Pass, Switzerland, August, 2005

Furka Pass, Switzerland, August, 2013

Alpe d'Huez, France, July 31, 2015

I am a terrible rider. I really am. As bad as I am, I am even worse riding uphill.
I must have a congenital hill defect. Yet, as truly terrible as I am—and I am—it's the 
most fun I have on a bike. I insist those who extol me for solo riding in the Alps
most every summer understand it
 takes no strength or skill. All it takes is:
The Will, the Time, and a Low Enough Gear.

What I have done that is distinguished is master the art of lightweight packing. I have
truly achieved an irreducible minimum. And that is really my sole accomplishment as a cyclist.

Look at my bag for an unsupported, solo, 8-day ride in the Alps in 2015!
It's 11" X 4 
½" at its widest. Total weight of bag and contents: 3.2 lbs!

  The bag is a 20+ year old Novara. It contains my entire packing:

pants, t-shirt, silk turtle neck, thin jacket, tights, off-the-bike socks and
(Capezio) shoes,
toothbrush, razor, lights, and brake and shifter cables.
And soap because European hoteliers are downright stingy  with soap.

No underwear. I can't speak for women's hygiene, but why would
  any man take underwear when weight and volume are your enemies?
I've written only two witty truths about cycling. One is: the only thing dumber
than riding uphill with clean underwear 
...is riding uphill with dirty underwear.


The Iseran is the highest (paved) pass in the Alps. I first rode it in 1988 and remember
all too well having to wait out a blizzard at the top on August 22nd. I had no warm clothes.
I went backwards from my packing to ride the Alps in 2015 to ride the Iseran in 2016:
I reverted to a larger, 30 year old Kirtlandbag to carry gloves and a heavier jacket this time.
Wouldn't you know it? The day was sunny and balmy.

Before designing jerseys, I designed and wrote ads for the high-end of the bike industry. 

I created ads for Basso, Bell, Campagnolo,Fuji, Havnoonian, Kreitler, and many high-end
framebuilders (Aegis, Calfee, Colnago, Dean, Ibis, Independent Fabrication, Javelin,
Land Shark, Moots, Serotta, Seven, Waterford, et al.) who sourced their bikes through SBA.

I don't know why you would want to see ads, but bike junkies have asked to. 
They're here:   
http://ro-ads.com  This is the home page.